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WakaQuest have developed a portfolio of learning and development programs for a broad spectrum of clients from school children and teachers, to captains of industry and their executives, public servants and entrepreneurs our values based wayfinding and leadership curriculum is a world first.

If you have a special request contact us to discuss your requirements and he will customize a program for y

A Little About What to Expect

“Leaders navigate, but not always in straight lines”

The renaissance in Maori ocean voyaging was not informed by any tribal memories, documented roadmaps or reciting of recent journeys in oratory. Rather, the knowledge was reconstructed with the help of our Polynesian relatives in far flung corners of the Pacific and has led to great voyages of rediscovery by intrepid men and women, empowered by the presence of humble men with stellar leadership ability. Informed by nature and driven by an ancient value system these leaders have achieved tremendous milestones in the restoration of indigenous pride and an understanding of how New Zealand was discovered and inhabited one thousand years ago. The legacy is exploration, unifying people, understanding and stewarding our environmental resources.

Waka Quest gives people from all walks of life the opportunity to get under the skin of Maori culture and the unique story of oceanic leadership.

Waka Quest offers several options for public, private organisations and academic institutions to give their executives, managers, staff and students completely different learning and/or team building experience as well as professional development and cultural